Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!

Connor Huberman

Hello Everwyone, it’s me Connor. My parentz had plans this weekend so I Begged them to let me go to Shady Spring Pet Retreat becuz I heard the pond was open for swimming. They must luv me since, Look Wher I’m soakin my cute furry feet!! I ask’d Barb, the photographer at Shady Spring to take my pixture so I culd show all my friends back home in Washington DC how much fun my weekend […Read More]

Buttons Smith

Hi eVeryon, my name is Buttons and thiz suMer I lernt how to climb treez at my Camp. My parEntz called it Shady Spring Pet Retreat and it’s in Carroll County Maryland. It waz the bess week eVr. My couNselor Abby walked me eVry day by the pond at the bottum of the hill. We sat and lookd for fish but I told her I don’t lik to get my pawz wet so instead of […Read More]

Ford Foster

Psst, Hey Mom, it’z me, Ford. We are playing Hide-n-Seek and so far I am winning! Thank you for sending me to thiz grate Camp in the Woodz. Me nd all my new friendz r having a FunTastic time. Last nite we were telling ghoSt storiez until the lady came to put us to bed. She was singing whil she was saYing Goodnight to all of us. Then she said Lightz out and Goodnight after […Read More]


Scrub-a-Dub, it’s Bauer in the Tub! Hi evrYon, it’s me, Bauer and Grooming Day meeens my momme is coming 2 pick me up from Shady Spring Pet Retreat. tHe nicest lady ever is making bubles All ofer my fur and scrubbing me. I don’t want to tell her it tickles a little cuz then she’ll stop and it feels too good. She told me her name is Kirstin but she looks more like a Raven, […Read More]

Sage and Chloe Weissman

Hey guys, our names are Chloe and Sage. Our people brought us out into the country to a place called Shady Spring Pet Retreat. It is such a wondRful place, we are having such an amazing time here with all of our Kamp KoWnslers.  We are spending our weekend here in Carroll County because our parents are getting MARRIED, we are very glad that they have brought us to Kamp because we really were not […Read More]


Hey evRyone, my name is Rustin. I’m just a wittle baby boy, and this is my 2nd time being here at this wondRful place called Shady Spring Pet Retreat out in the country. There is a lot of land and sooooooo many trees for me to smell and pee on. When my Kamp Kownsler Alaina took me to the Cuddle Time barn, I found this AMAAAAZING tree that smelled sooooooooo great. I just had to […Read More]

Finley Flynn

HEY EVERYONE, my name is Finley and I’m just a Wittle baby and my parents went on vacaSHion and they dropped me off here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat. It is the most wondRful place on pWanet earFF. My Kamp coWnsler Alaina takes me on a really long walk 3 times a day. Which is great because I have to pee pee and poo poo all the time. I love rolling in the grass in […Read More]

Xena and Melissa Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Pet Care Carroll County Maryland

Xena Lewis

Hey, my name is Xena and this was my wondRful Kamp coWnsler Melissa. I have had many Kamp coWnslers, and Melissa has been one of my favoritZ. She took me on walks and she cuddled with me and she gives me treats whenever I go to the bathroom. I am always a little nervous to be here but Melissa and all the other Kamp coWnslers made me feel so much better to be here. I […Read More]

Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Discounted Dog Boarding Carroll County Maryland

Nyla and Max Greenspan

Hey guys, Nyla here. Max over here. We brother and sister and we’ve been boarding at this wondrful place called Shady Spring Pet Retreat. Yeah and it’s an amazing place, we love it so much. Yes Max, yes we do. Anyway everybody here is amazing and so kind and loving. All of the cownslers here are so nice and they treat all of us so well. Yes, yes they really do. We went on a […Read More]

Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Discounted Dog Boarding Carroll County Maryland

Bacon Merhige

Hi guys, my name is Bacon, oooooo bacon I love bacon. My parents went on vacashon, so they dropped me off at this wondrful doggy day care, Shady Spring Pet Retreat. Wen my parents drove into the driveway of the kennel, I was so exsited, I ran up to the door and these nice people greeted me as soon as walked in. They gave me a nice necklace with my name on it, it’s green […Read More]