Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!


Hey evRyone, my name is Rustin. I’m just a wittle baby boy, and this is my 2nd time being here at this wondRful place called Shady Spring Pet Retreat out in the country. There is a lot of land and sooooooo many trees for me to smell and pee on. When my Kamp Kownsler Alaina took me to the Cuddle Time barn, I found this AMAAAAZING tree that smelled sooooooooo great. I just had to pee on it, it smelled delicious. Once we got into the cuddle barn, I saw a blue toy in the corner, and I ran so fast. I brought it over to Alaina and she grabbed it and threw it across the room, and I got so exsited that I almost fell over. Me and Alaina had the best time in the cuddle barn together, she is my favErIt person at this Kamp. I hope that my People bring me back to this land in the country so I can see Alaina again.

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