Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!

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Nyla and Max Greenspan

Hey guys, Nyla here. Max over here. We brother and sister and we’ve been boarding at this wondrful place called Shady Spring Pet Retreat. Yeah and it’s an amazing place, we love it so much. Yes Max, yes we do. Anyway everybody here is amazing and so kind and loving. All of the cownslers here are so nice and they treat all of us so well. Yes, yes they really do. We went on a very lovely walk today as soon as we woke up and we did our bisness. Yeah I remember that and it was fantastic. I loved it, I got to stretch my legs and roll around in the fresh grass, it felt great. But after our walk was done our cownsler brought us back to our lovely little house, and she gave us each a kiss on our heads and then gave us a treat and it tasted so good. Yeah I remember that treat and it was so delicious. But soon enough another cownsler took us on another walk and it was so sunny and warm outside. The sun felt so good on our fur.

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