Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!

Xena and Melissa Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Pet Care Carroll County Maryland

Xena Lewis

Hey, my name is Xena and this was my wondRful Kamp coWnsler Melissa. I have had many Kamp coWnslers, and Melissa has been one of my favoritZ. She took me on walks and she cuddled with me and she gives me treats whenever I go to the bathroom. I am always a little nervous to be here but Melissa and all the other Kamp coWnslers made me feel so much better to be here. I just wanted write this to thank evRyone who took care of me when I stayed here while my parents were gone. I had the best time here with my Kamp coWnslers and I hope that I can come back soon to see Melissa again. Thanks evRyone. XOXO.

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