Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!

Buttons Smith

Hi eVeryon, my name is Buttons and thiz suMer I lernt how to climb treez at my Camp. My parEntz called it Shady Spring Pet Retreat and it’s in Carroll County Maryland. It waz the bess week eVr. My couNselor Abby walked me eVry day by the pond at the bottum of the hill. We sat and lookd for fish but I told her I don’t lik to get my pawz wet so instead of fishing, we climed treez. She took a picture for my mom and my frendz sinz I didn’t think they wuwd believe me. Look how GrAte I did!! Abby waz the BEST counselor Evr. This kenel in in Woodbine MD and I told aLl my frendz about it so next suMer we can aLl lern how to climb treez! Abby told me she cannot wAte to see me again and my tail waz so happy it wuld not stop wAggin!

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