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NOTE: Certain reservation request dates fall into our peak-season rates.  For a list of these peak-season dates, please visit our website.

Business Walk Description
Just a short walk for your pet to go to the bathroom. You may purchase a business walk for your pet up to 3 times a day for eliminations.
Camping Description
Camping sessions (30 minutes of one-on-one play with a camp counselor) are recommended for those high-energy, playful, athletic dogs. During this time they are offered a chance to play ball, roll in the grass, play fetch and walk or run through the meadow. You may schedule camping up to 3 times per day.
Cuddle Time Description
This unique activity is designed for the guest who enjoys “quiet” time. Your pup and a camp counselor spend time curled up together for extra belly rubs and petting and help with those who are sensitive and nervous being away from home. This 15 minute session is meant for direct one on one personalized time and can be purchased for up to three times a day.
Hiking Description
Hiking sessions (15 minutes of one-on-one play with a hike counselor) are recommended for those pets that require a less vigorous activity, like a casual walk, light playtime in our play yard or outdoor relaxing under a shade tree. These sessions are perfect for all guests. You may schedule hiking up to 3 times per day.
Outback Package Description
The Outback package is mixed with both exercise and leisure. Our guests can enjoy a vigorous play as well as brisk walks/strolls in our fields. This package includes one 30-minute playtime, two 15-minute walks and strolls, frozen yogurt and a picture. (Package price is in addition to daily lodging.)
Purrfect Time Description
Cats can receive one-on-one time, with a member of our staff, that includes attention, love, cuddling, and petting.
Scavenger Hunt Description
We are excited to introduce a different type of outdoor playtime for your dog, unique to any other boarding facility! Our Scavenger Hunt lets dogs have fun using their natural instincts to hunt and find hidden treasures. We put your dog’s sense of sight and smell to good use by providing him with 15 different opportunities to get rewarded with a satisfying treat. We’ve even created an added challenge by hiding some treats in holes below ground level! Your dog will burn up energy as his mind works hard to figure out where the next treat is hiding.
S’More Package Description
The S’More package is geared for our active, energetic guests who love lots of activity and exercise! All one on one with their own counselor to increase the human animal bond, this includes two 30-minute playtime and exercise sessions, one 15-minute playtime, and 30 minutes of swimming in our spring fed pond (weather permitting), frozen yogurt and a picture. You can’t ask for anything S’More! (Package price is in addition to daily lodging.)
Splash Time Description
Introducing our NEW “Splash Zone” play activity just in time for the HOT weather!!! What a wonderful way to keep your pup cool and play at the same time!! Each pool has a step-up deck and plenty of water toys to keep your pup busy. You may schedule “Splash Time” up to 3 times per day.
Swimming Description
Swimming is also available in sessions of 30 minutes. This is a one-on-one swim time with a counselor, in our spring-fed pond. These sessions are perfect for all canine guests. You may schedule swimming up to 3 times per day.

Pet Relocation
Shady Spring has been relocating pets, of all kinds, since 2001. The Shady Spring pet relocation family expanded very quickly and evolved into a regional leader in pet relocation. The Shady Spring pet relocation family is now “Capital Pet Movers“. With their knowledgeable staff, professional certifications & affiliations, Capital Pet Movers provides the industry expertise necessary to successfully complete your pet’s next domestic or international move. Please visit the Capital Pet Movers website for more information.
Pick-Up and Delivery Information

Training & Behavior

Lodge & Learn
Enhance your dog’s boarding experience with a customized training plan. Choose from an assortment of basic obedience behaviors for our trainer to work on with your dog while he’s here. Our trainer will spend a minimum of 2 hours per stay with your dog, focusing on teaching basic behaviors while providing an outlet to release stress and pent up energy. Following your dog’s stay with us, you will receive a 60-minute transition session in which you will learn how to take over as the primary trainer.
Wisdom Workout
Looking to give your dog something fun, yet intelligent to do while he’s here with us? Our trainer will spend an hour with your dog working on socialization, confidence building, and engaging your dog’s mind with fun exercises. Your dog will receive a thorough mental workout, which can be just as exhausting as physical exercise.
Private Lesson
Private training, at your place or ours, is ideal for those who only want to work on a couple basic behaviors with their dogs. Our trainer works with you and your dog together to teach basic obedience behaviors. There will also be a portion of the session dedicated to instructing the owner on how to train, prevent, and sustain your dog’s behaviors. Each private lesson lasts 1 hour and will focus on 1-2 obedience tasks of your choice.
Refresher Lesson
Brush up on your dog’s basic obedience skills with a private refresher lesson at our facility. Over time, it is common for your dog to become a bit rusty when performing their obedience tasks. It is also helpful for the owner to be able to ask questions and make inquiries regarding their CRITICAL role as pack leader. It is recommended that you and the trainer spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes reviewing what was covered in the lesson, how your dog responded and to answer any questions you might have.
Behavior Consultation
Initial behavior consultations last from 1.5-2 hours and take place at your home. We utilize a comprehensive and multi-faceted training style. We realize that no one training technique works for all dogs. Our trainer will work with you to come up with a specialized training plan for your dog. A phone consultation is required before the start of any training program to help us better understand your dog’s needs.
Ask the Trainer
Have a question about your dog’s behavior? In this 30-minute phone consultation, you will be able to ask our trainer any questions you have about training and behavior. Following the phone consultation, you will receive written materials to aid in your training.

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