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Shady Spring Pet Retreat Dog Boarding Kennel Carroll County Maryland


We monitor your pet’s eating and potty habits as well as their lodging behavior Our credentialed staff is knowledgeable in administering simple medications and performing basic medical care to give you peace of mind while you’re away. To avoid stomach upset, we prefer to feed the diet your pet is accustom to at home. If you choose to feed your pet one of our in-house diets, please contact us for brands and availability. Raw diets […Read More]

Shady Spring Pet Retreat Sadie Griffin Dog Groomer Carroll County Dog Grooming


Our professionally trained groomers will be glad to take care of your pet’s needs—whether that involves giving a bath, clipping nails, or providing a show quality trim. If you’re booking these services without lodging, please make the grooming reservation in advance to ensure your spot on the schedule.   Maintenance Grooming Upon arrival at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we examine each of our guests for fleas/ticks and matted or unkempt coats. At owner’s expense, we […Read More]

Training & Behavior Program

Our training program uses positive training methods to modify your dog’s behavior as well as increase his overall well-being. We will design a training program specifically for you and your dog. We will then teach you how to implement and maintain these methods on your own once the lessons are completed. Our comprehensive training methods will lay the foundation for clear communication and strengthening your relationship by building trust and confidence between both of you. […Read More]

Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Exoctic Pet Boarding Carroll County Maryland

Exotics Lodging

We are extremely excited to now accept exotic animals for lodging here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat! We will gladly accept the following animals at our facility: Chinchillas Ferrets Guinea Pigs Rabbits Mice Rats Gerbils Hedgehogs Sugar Gliders Turtles Tortoises Frogs Snakes Most Reptiles Including: Iguanas/Beardies/Skinks/Anoles Birds (Case by case basis, however Parakeets, Finches and Cockatiels are OK) Notice The State of Maryland requires all Ferrets to have current Rabies and Distemper vaccinations to lodge. […Read More]

Shady Spring Pet Retreat Dog Kennel Transportation Van

Pick-Up and Delivery

Wish to stay with us but can’t make the drive? We offer pick-up and delivery service to your home, or to one of our convenient in-town locations at Dupont, Palisades or Union Veterinary Clinics. Our vans run Monday through Friday and we service a vast area of the Washington DC/Baltimore region.   Shuttle Transportation Dupont Veterinary Clinic (Monday through Saturday) 2022 P Street NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 466-2211 Palisades Veterinary Clinic (Monday through Saturday) […Read More]

Capital Pet Movers Pet Relocation Team

Pet Relocation

Shady Spring has been relocating pets, of all kinds, since 2001. Re-named Capital Pet Movers, they have quickly expanded into a regional leader in pet relocation. With knowledgeable and credentialed staff, Capital Pet Movers provides the industry expertise necessary to successfully complete your pet’s next domestic or international move. Please visit the Capital Pet Movers website for more information.