Shady Spring Pet Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some very common inquiries that we get frequently.
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Are the kennels temperature controlled? (Heated in the winter and air condition in the summer)
All the kennel areas are completely temperature controlled. Our buildings protect your pets from the extreme cold and the steamy hot weather. Our staff members monitor temperatures on a constant basis and will adjust if necessary to keep your pet the most comfortable possible while boarding. All of our kennels are indoor to shield pets from rain/snow/extreme winds/lightning and thunder.
Can I tour your facility?
Yes! We would love to give you a tour!
Tours are welcome Monday-Saturday from 11am-2pm no need for an appointment. Pets cannot tour as we can only have registered guests in the kennel. Due to shortened hours there will be no tours offered on Sundays.
What are your accommodations like?
We offer every pet their own indoor/outdoor kennel. This space is in total 20 feet long. Widths vary from 3-6 feet wide depending on the size of your pet. We place each dog according to his size, weight, sex, and height so they are comfortable while boarding. The indoor space is their bedroom/sleeping area where bedding, blankets, cuddle beds, and mats are provided by Shady Spring for sleeping comforts and a goods nights rest. The outdoor portion of the kennel is a 15 foot run where your pet can stretch his/her legs, visit with their neighbors through the fencing that separates their rooms, and also used for potty purposes. We consider this a patio area and it is completely covered to protect pets all from weather elements. Staff members clean up after pets eliminations multiple times during the day.
Are walks included in the basic lodging?
Shady Spring Pet Retreat feels each dog is an individual and building your stay around your pet, energy level and specific needs is the way to go. We do not include any walks in the basic boarding rate so that you may customize your dog’s stay as you see fit for your dog’s age and specific needs. We have many options to choose from to keep Fefe busy and happy while away from home.
Can/Should I bring my pets toys to keep him busy?
We welcome bringing toys for your pet. A few things to consider, our staff does their very best to keep track of all things that come in with your pet however a lost toy is not unheard of so please do not bring Spot’s very favorite for boarding and please keep toys to a minimum. The dogs are very busy while boarding and a lot of times do not pay attention to these items as they would at home. Staff are not responsible for any lost toys.
Can we bring bedding from home?
We happily provide all bedding for your dog’s comfort during their stay with us so that you may leave your dog beds at home for their return. We launder all bedding and blankets on a daily basis for cleanliness and sanitary purposes. The flannel, fleecy bedding we offer is warm and comfortable and freshly washed daily for your pet.

If you dog had a specific need or medical condition and needs his/her bed from home, this is more than welcome.

How do you feed the dogs?
We typically feed twice daily morning and afternoon meals. We prefer to keep your pet on the diet they are accustomed to at home as to not create any tummy upsets. You may bring your pet’s food or use one of the foods we provide.
Is there staff on the premise overnight?
Staff is here from 5am until about 10pm each night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We do have someone that lives on the premise as well.
Do you have Playgroups?
All of our activities are one-on-one with a personalized counselor for very individualized attention.
What if my dog is sick?
Our first priority is all our guest wellbeing, should your pet develop an illness or injury our trained vet technicians are equipped to handle it. We may need to consult with your veterinarian or a veterinarian of ours depending on how emergent the situation may be. Once we determine the best course of action and treatment we document all findings and treatments and contact you if necessary.
How many staff members do you have?
At Shady Spring we have a seasonal staff. During our Peak boarding times which is any major holiday and the entire summer, we have an average of 15 staff members to take care of your pets. We like to have at least 1 staff person for every 10 dogs. During our quieter times we will have 4-6 persons here for your pets care. Outside of our pet care staff we also have office staff members, groomers, drivers, and our maintence crew.
What is a typical day like for my dog?
We wake our boarding guest up around 7am when they get their first chance to go potty and breakfast is served. In this hour between 7am and 8am we go to each room to say good morning and administer any medications that need to be given. Shortly after this we begin our morning clean routine, the cleaning of every room (we chemically clean and power wash the kennels once a day).

Now it’s time to get down to business and the fun begins as our walking staff, camp counselors, begin daily walking activities. Throughout the day our medical technician checks in on each pet to make sure all are happy and healthy.

Once we reach the 3pm-4pm hour, it’s time to get serious about dinner and evening medications. Nap time is anytime hereafter until bedtime around 9pm.