Shady Spring Pet Retreat

Specialized Activities

Shady Spring Boarding Kennels Cuddle Time Activity Carroll County Maryland

Cuddle Time

This unique activity is designed for the guest who enjoys “quiet” time. Your pup and a camp counselor will curl up together for extra belly rubs and petting. This is perfect for those pets that are sensitive and nervous being away from home. This 15 minute session is meant for direct one on one personalized time and can be purchased for up to three times a day.

Purrfect Time

Cats can receive one-on-one time, with a member of our staff, that includes attention, love, cuddling, and petting.
Purrfect Time

Boredom Buster

Looking to give your dog something fun, yet intelligent to do while he’s here with us? Our trainer will spend 30 minutes with your dog working on confidence building and engaging your dog’s mind with fun exercises (interactive games, puzzles, shaping activities, etc.). Your dog will receive a thorough mental workout, which can be just as exhausting as physical exercise! Boredom Buster $45 per session

Scavenger Hunt

We are excited to introduce a different type of outdoor playtime for your dog, unique to any other boarding facility! Our Scavenger Hunt lets dogs have fun using their natural instincts to hunt and find hidden treasures. We put your dog’s sense of sight and smell to good use by providing him with 15 different opportunities to get rewarded with a satisfying treat. We’ve even created an added challenge by hiding some treats in holes below ground level! Your dog will burn up energy as his mind works hard to figure out where the next treat is hiding.
Scavenger Hunt 2

Scavenger Hunt


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