Shady Spring Pet Retreat

The Dog Tails!

Here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat, we let our furry campers write home! Surprisingly, even with paws, they have excellent typing skills!

Finley Flynn

HEY EVERYONE, my name is Finley and I’m just a Wittle baby and my parents went on vacaSHion and they dropped me off here at Shady Spring Pet Retreat. It is the most wondRful place on pWanet earFF. My Kamp coWnsler Alaina takes me on a really long walk 3 times a day. Which is great because I have to pee pee and poo poo all the time. I love rolling in the grass in the morning because it feels so good to stretch my legs. Also she takes me to go swimming evRyday and this one wondRful women gives me this deElisHious frozen treat everyday and MMMMM it tastes so good. My parents got me the smores package while they’re gone, which is 2 30 minute walks and 1 15 minute walk with swimming once a day and a frozen treat. I love this place and I wish to come back as many times as possible.

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