Shady Spring Pet Retreat

Training & Behavior Program

Our training program uses positive training methods to modify your dog’s behavior as well as increase his overall well-being.

We will design a training program specifically for you and your dog. We will then teach you how to implement and maintain these methods on your own once the lessons are completed. Our comprehensive training methods will lay the foundation for clear communication and strengthening your relationship by building trust and confidence between both of you. Working with your dog’s natural motivations, We will be able to address the underlying causes of unwanted behaviors so that they are less likely to reoccur.

Unleash your dog’s natural talents and see how rewarding training can be for both of you!

Our current rates are $85/per hour of training.

If you are interested in registering for our Training & Behavior program, please give us a call at (410) 795-1957 or email us at